Cheeky evening swim in the River Severn.

The weather has turned fine today and I have just finished a run of nights and myself and a friend Andrew decided to go for a short swim in the River Severn this evening.

The water looked amazing. It had a green tinge to it and it was nice and clear. The Severn can be very silty but this time of year it can be clear.

We met at Frankwell Car park and walked up stream until you get to a little beach area which then gave us a 500m swim. The water was 10 Deg C.

The sun was low in the sky and the result was a gold glow to the world. Along the river wild life is abundant and you often swim past ducks and swans on this stretch.

The water felt fresh and relaxing washing over our skin. Watching the world go by from the water puts life into perspective and the woes of work are washed away.

There is an almost magical power in the water that make the world a better place once in it.

We swam, floated and chatted our way down stream.

In June the River Severn will become very familure to me as I attempt to swim the 220 miles from its source to its mouth raising money for Versus Arthritis.


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