River Severn, training.


In June 2019 I am attempting to swim the length of the River Severn from its source to its mouth, a total distance of 220miles.

The River Severn is the longest river in the UK and the source is found on Plynlimon in the Cambrian mountains of mid Wales, runs the flows through mid Wales into Shropshire, down through Worcestershire and Gloucestershire and finishes where it meets the Bristol Channel at Severn Beach.

The legend behind why the River Severn is so named is it is believed to be named after a Sabina (in Welsh Havren) the Nymph that was thrown into the river and drowned.

Also situated on the banks of the River Severn is Ironbridge famous for the birth place of the industrial revolution. During the swim I will be able to swim under the Famous Iron Bridge built in 1779 by Abraham Darby.

The hottest Easter on record.

The water in the River Severn still isn’t very warm a Chilly 11 deg Celsius. Friday and Saturday once with a friend and the other solo I did a couple of short swims. At the moment it is hard to find someone to swim any distance with due to the water temperature.

By Chance I contacted a friend whom Kayaks regular on the River and asked if he was out today and by chance himself and some friends were and I could join then for the last section.

The section of the river for today’s swim was from Llandrinio Bridge to Crew Green. It’s about 3-4miles two hours of swimming due to the meandering nature. Thankfully the sun was beating down on my back keeping me warm and the water was chilly. The swim took 2 hours and there are some very interesting sections.

At one point there was a interesting current which kept trying to grab me and needed some strong swimming to get through it. It felt like the water was whirling around underneath me. At times the river current wanted to take you under the bushes again needing a good strong stroke to keep me on track. A couple of sections were very shallow and walking or scrabbling was the only option.

Safety is important when swimming, I am glad that I have swam this section now so I know what too expect in June. I had experienced kayak support and a tow float and I know my tolerance levels to cold water. it was only because of the hot sunny day that I was able to spend this amount of time in water at that temperature and not get cold. If it was a cold wet windy day my swim would have been halved. It was a very enjoyable morning in the water with friends.


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