The last time I walked up Snowdon was four years ago and I travelled light and at a good strong pace. The route I took then was the Horseshoe Ridge which takes you over Crib Goch. This time it was not the chosen route for my walk. This time I took the Pyg track up and the Miners path down.

I haven’t done much hill walking over the last few years due to lots of swimming and continual knee pain but I have worked hard at getting fitter and stronger legs. This walk was a good test.
I was a nice day and windy. The walk was slow up but I wasn’t in a rush. Knee felt good. It was nice to be out in the hills. On the way up I met some lovely people to chat to as they passed me. The views were amazing.

As I approached the Col there was a slight bottle neck due to snow, making the last 10m slippery and difficult for less experienced walkers which slowed people down.

The summit was very windy and misty so sadly there wasn’t a view.

It wasn’t long after leaving the summit that the cloud lifted and the view opened up. The walk down was much quicker. I trotted down, almost running in places, and straight into the reward of a swim in an icy cold lake.

The water was green, clear and cold. A perfect reward. Staying in slightly longer than I would normally.

It was cold but hot tea and warm cloths I was soon warmed up. A lady that I met that day gave me a wonderful compliment saying that I am an inspiration women kind.

The walk down after this was uneventful. A nice meander back to the car.


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